Tupperware Mini Megamagic Flow Container, 440ml, Colors may Vary (121)


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Made from Non-toxic MaterialsThis Tupperware flow container is designed with an anti-slip surface, ensuring a good grip and preventing the container from slipping. The safety of your food is not compromised in any way with long-term storage in these non-toxic and non-carcinogenic Tupperware containers. They are made of good-quality food-grade plastic containing no harmful chemicals that affect your food and liquid contents. This Tupperware oil dispenser has a very smart look with its bright red cap. Since it is transparent, you can see how much liquid content is left in the container without having to open it.Saves Excess OilEasy to store, this Tupperware oil container can be kept outside, in a cabinet or even in the fridge. Besides oil, it can also be used to store vinegar and other liquid food items. Thanks to the slanting spout, the liquid can be easily poured out without it dripping along the sides. A special feature of this 440ml oil container is that it saves the excess liquid that accidentally spills out. The small vent near the spout enables the excess liquid to flow back into the container. With a virtually airtight seal, you can now prevent your oil from getting rancid due to exposure to outside air.Brand: TupperwareContents: 1 Megamagic flow containerCapacity: 440mlAirtight and liquid-tight sealSlanting spout prevents drippingSmall vent to save excess liquidAnti-slip surface, provides a good grip