Benison India Best Spin Mop Bucket System, Deluxe 360 Degree Spin Self-wringing Floor Cleaning Easy Magic Mops

Benison India

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Make the tedious and boring routine of mopping the floor easier and convenient by using this Easylife Magic Mop Set. It is ergonomically designed to make cleaning hassle-free and pain-free, as it eliminates the need to bend down to scrub the corners, or to climb up a ladder to reach the fans and ceilings of your house. 360 Head Movement The mop head can be rotated in all directions for effective cleaning. This is particularly helpful in scrubbing off any hard and dried stains of oil or sauce from the floor. Adjustable Handle You can adjust the length of the mop handle to suit your height so that you do not have to bend down while mopping. The angle of the handle can also be adjusted from 45 to 180 for a comfortable mopping position. Easy-to-clean The unique and powerful wringer saves you from dirtying your hands to rinse and wring the mop head. The mop head can also be washed in the washing machine to maintain its condition for long-term use.

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