Benison India Multifunctional Water Spray Gun 10 Mtr Hose-Car/Vehicle Cleaning High Pressure Washer

Benison India

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Keep blossoms blooming and lawns lawning with the convenience of watering with Multi-Functional Water Spray Gun. Water Gun for Added Convenience If you dread washing your car or watering your garden because of all the hassles that come with these chores, use the House of Quirk water spray-gun. As the pipe is quite long, at 10 metres, it is easy to move around with and for use on objects that are quite far from the tap. You can use this pipe to water your plants, clean your porch or stairs and give your car its weekly hose-down. With a water gun attached to one end, this flexible hose allows you to wash a larger surface area. It also takes very little time to attach the nozzle to the pipe. Lightweight and Durable Pipe This water spray gun for home car cleaning has four adjustable spray functions. These make the water come out in a pattern as wide as a fan spray or as thin as a pencil-point. The lever on the nozzle does not require too much effort to operate, so you can use it comfortably over an extended period of time. It is made of a sturdy, solid plastic, which makes it durable and long-lasting. It is also lightweight and can be rolled up and carried around or stored away, when not in use. As it is so easy to use, even your children won't have any complaints while using it. This handy attachment is super durable, and effective and ideal for garden watering and vehicle cleaning. The adjustable spray nozzle is made of solid plastic and the flexible hose connector is also constructed of durable plastic material.

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