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Tupperware Ice Tray (1 Piece)


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Simple to Use, Slim in LooksThe Tupperware ice tray with lid brings you simple functionality in a pleasing design. It makes the best use of the limited space in your refrigerator. The ice tray with lid is an elegant mix of a soothing colour and a charming shape. Fill up the cubicles of the tray with water, put it in the freezer and give it some time before it can produce well-shaped ice cubes. You can also fill in other beverages like milk, juice or cola and have your favourite drink in a frozen form.Flexible Body for Easy Access to Ice CubesThe Tupperware ice tray with a unique lid prevents leakage while handling. Due to its flexible make, it can be bent easily to get hold of the cubes effortlessly. The cap in the ice cube tray also aids in keeping the cuboids refreshed and restored. Its 'freezer safe' technology prevents odours of other foods kept in the refrigerator from mixing with the cubes. Turn your summer into a pleasing experience with the chilled ice squares made with this slim and flexible ice tray.Brand: TupperwareColour: White base with purple sealCapacity: 14 cubes per trayFaster freezingUses freezer safe technologyPrevents odour of other foods from mixing with the cubesDimensions: 3.7 (H) x 29.8 (L) x 11.4 (W) cm