Benison India Assorted Flameless Retro LED Lamp- 3 LED Lights USB Rechargeable-Benison India-Benison India

Benison India Assorted Flameless Retro LED Lamp- 3 LED Lights USB Rechargeable

Benison India

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This product is made by hard ABS plastic and acrylic material, no breakable parts. No potentially dangerous hot flame, no black smoke, environmental friendly, so worry free in the home and ideal around children and pets. - When you blow to lamp-chimney, LED light will be on. When you blow to lamp-chimney again, LED light will be off, like a true Kerosene Lamp. - Built in rechargeable battery, USB charge function, safety and convenience. Soft light without glare, the dim light looks like candle light's twinkling. It is a good sleep partner for you and your babies. - Also will be a good choice for a romantic, candlelit dinner, an outdoor camping and nostalgic jewellery. About the product Highlight LED, soft light without glare, energy saving, longer life Alignment blowing inside shade can turn on or off the light Roulette dimmer knobs; adjust the light intensity easier; Smoke free High-capacity rechargeable battery, USB charging connector, safety, energy saving, convenient This product is made by ABS and acrylic material, no breakable parts, use more safe Two hours can charge full normally, Charge for the first time, please charge for more than 4 hours to ensure the normal function of the battery Features Blowing Control- A gentle blow into the lampshade can turn on/off the lamp. (Please switch it ON initially.) Adjustable brightness- You can use the Dimmer Control Knob to adjust the brightness, just like the traditional Kerosene lamps Rechargeable built-in battery charge through USB cable. With DC 5V USB port, can be connected to computer, power bank or USB adaptor. Retro Design with modern long lasting, light weight material LED light, energy saving, durable and environmental friendly

Package includes: - 1 x LED Vintage Kerosene Lamp - 1 x USB charger cable - 1 x User manual


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