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Benison India HQT-906 Digital Hair Straightener with Comb, Brush for Flat Iron Styling

Benison India

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  1. The digital hair straightener replaced the traditional flat iron straightener. It is a combination of hair straightener and comb.
  2.  It helps to solve your hairstyle problem and support head massage without any harm
  3.  Allows you to get ready quickly for going out in rush morning hours.
  4. It is designed with precise temperature control to guarantee anti scald and warm contact massage. Built-in automatic constant temperature and fast heating technologies.
  5. The hair straightener is anti-static, anti-scald and anti-hair broken, easily solve hair knotting, reduce pain and hair broken, repair the hair quality of harm. Head massage make hair follicle of scalp more healthful and bright and elasticity with hair
  6. The brush gets heat very fast, so please test temperature first


  1.  A perfect combination of comb and hair straightener. Having a beautiful hair and a health care massage for your head at the same time, you can definitely relieve all fatigue.
  2.  During use, straight hair comb will release a large number  of negative ions, combining with air to produce water  which nourishes your hair.
  3.  High temperature engineering material shell.
  4.  LCD screen display.
  5.  360 degree rotates able wire. It avoids the wire twinning’s.
  6.  3 IN 1 Function: Ceramic Iron Straightener Detangling  Brush Anion Hair Massager
  7.  It is COMB! Comb the hair but also straighten the hair
  8.  Keep the hair clean and neatly combed please before use.
  9. Use the plug into the appropriate socket This product is a one-hour auto off function, if you can reboot Operations      

 Guide:  The hair straightener comb have 10 rates to adjust temperature, every rate can change 5 degrees Celsius. We recommend you always start with the highest temperature setting and reduce the temperature as your hair required.

1. For thick hair, select higher temperature (210-230°C)

2. For normal textured hair, select moderate temperature (190-210°C)

3. For delicate, fine hair, select lower temperature (170-190°C) Low temperature will take a bit longer time to make a hair style.

How To Start: Press the power button for 3 seconds for switch on, and press 3 seconds for switch off


Model: HQT-906

Voltage: 100-230v 50/60HZ

Power: 29w

Thermostatic: 180 degree.

Max temperature:230 degree.

Mix temperature: 80 degree.

Thermostat adjustment segments 5 degree.

Colour: Pink & White (Product dispatch as per colour availability)

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