How to avoid mosquito bite this rainy season

Rainy season starts in India from early July to September end. It’s a season of great relief from the excessive heat of summer. Human beings, birds, animals & plants enjoy this season. The trees get covered with new leaves & new grass grows in the dry fields.

But everything has its own advantages & disadvantages. Likewise, rainy season also plays both the role.

Advantages: In India, agriculture is totally dependent on rainfall. Rainfall is a boon to farmers and for their cultivation of crops.

Rainfall is overall important for economic growth of the country. The nation earns huge amount of foreign exchange earnings by selling fruits and food grains.

All rivers & ponds get filled with water and thus make living being life easier.

Disadvantages: Besides advantages, there are several disadvantages of rainy season too such as roads become slippery & muddy which sometimes is life threatening.

Excessive rainfall is also a stress as it can destroy the overall growth of crops.

In rainy season water gets accumulated everywhere in ditches, in small ponds etc. which allows breeding of mosquitoes and therefore welcomes mosquitoes and associated diseases which weaken the immunity system.

The diseases which persist in the rainy season are cholera, dengue, malaria, typhoid etc. Children are more prone to the diseases as they are much exposed to the environment and thus needs a great attention in this season.

For making this rainy season disease & mosquito free, Benison India has introduced pest repellent.

Peston Pest repeller cum Health Care System

Peston is an electronic ultrasonic pest repeller device. Its ultrasonic pest repellent is environmentally safe and has no chemicals it does not kill the rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants etc. but drives them away.

This ultrasonic repeller emits high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves to create an acoustically hostile environment that repels rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants from sound-protected rooms.

 It does not harm humans.

Buy @ Rs.279

Instructions: -

  • The unit takes 2 to 3 weeks for a satisfactory elimination of Household Pest.
  • Good for use at Homes, Offices, Restaurants, Warehouses, Stores, & Switch on.
  • A red light will glow indicating the unit is activated.
  • To ensure the most result, do not locate the unit even after results have been obtained.


  • It is Japanese based technology.
  • 6 in 1 Peston Pest Repeller cum Health Care System Effective on Mice, Bugs, Lizards, Spiders, Mosquitoes & Pests.
  • No Fumes, No Harmful Rays, No Bad Odor Safest & Economical Way of Killing Insects.

Power Consumption:

  • 5 Watts, long lasting heavy duty product light weight.
  • Great Handling, easy to use, high-quality material.
  • Simple, elegant product, 100% Shock Proof.

Note: Set of two can be purchased at only Rs.499.

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